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Scene It? Harry Potter for iPhone

Screenlife invites you to test your wizarding wits with Scene It? Harry Potter on the iPhone and iPod Touch. This app is overflowing with movie clip and images, questions and on-screen puzzles.

Test your Harry Potter knowledge and experience a spellbinding voyage that lets you relive your favorite moments from the first six films. Before you can say, “Expecto patronum,” the magic, fun and excitement of this legendary saga will captivate you and everyone who plays. Scene It? Harry Potter is the ultimate companion app for aspiring wizards.

Scene It? Harry Potter features include:

  • 30 distinct quiz sets with 16 puzzle types that provide hours of questions, puzzles and mini-games
  • Dozens of video clips, images and audio clips pulled directly from the Harry Potter films
  • An engaging, fast-paced single-player mode
  • Head to Head Multiplayer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (uses multiple devices)
  • Pass and Play Multiplayer (uses a single device)


Scene It? Harry Potter for iPhone


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