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The Maze Game of Manipulation and Coercion

It’s Friday afternoon, and the Pointy-Haired Boss is looking for a “volunteer” to work over the weekend. In this hilarious twist on traditional board games, players race opponents through a maze of office cubicles. Dilbert: Escape from Cubeville‘s 60 Movement Cards allow players to manipulate the Cubicle Tile game board, ensuring a different game every time it’s played. With more changes than a corporate re-org, players clear their own path or block another player’s passage, all while avoiding the Pointy-Haired Boss!

Remember – the sooner you escape the office, the sooner your weekend begins!


Game Includes: Ages: Players:
49 Cubicle Tiles
1 Pointy-Haired Boss Mover
4 Exit Tokens
60 Movement Cards
4 Player Movers
1 Six-Sided Die
13 +
2 - 4


Download Instruction Sheet


Actual colors and decorations may vary.

DILBERT® is a registered trademark of Scott Adams, Inc. Licensed by United Feature Syndicate Inc.

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