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If my DVD doesn't appear to be working, what is the best thing to do?

Remove the DVD from the player and clean it. Use a soft cloth and wipe from the inside to the outside in a straight line.

In general, if you are having trouble with your DVD working properly, ejecting the disc and starting over is always advisable. If you are unable to eject the DVD, please unplug your DVD player at the power source and try again.

If possible, try the DVD on a second player to see if the same problem occurs. 

All of our games were created to play on as many DVD player types as possible. However, as is the case for any type of software, in rare instances, some DVD players may not be compatible with the game. If you are experiencing other technical difficulties that have not been described, or have another question, please contact us here.

When you contact us, be sure to leave us your name, phone number and model of the player you are trying to play Scene It? on, and we will respond within one business day.


The random functionality, "Optreve®" doesn't seem to be working on my player. What can I do?

DVD is an emerging technology and there are some older DVD players that may not support Optreve. However, not to worry: you can still play the game. Begin at the Game Menu and select Pre-Set Gameplay. This option will allow you access to numerous preprogrammed game sequences. These game sequences have been preprogrammed to ensure the greatest number of game plays without repeating.


It seems like I'm stuck in a loop. What can I do?

If it appears that you are stuck in a loop where the same material is coming up, your DVD player might have some disc technology compatibility issues. While on the game menu, select 'Pre-Set Gameplay'. This option will bring you to a menu containing pre-programmed game sequences.

If your player is getting stuck on the All Play to Win portion of a Scene It? game, reload the disc and select All Play instead of All Play To Win. If you get a question that you have already seen, hit the Return button on your DVD remote to bring up a new question.


What should I do if I keep seeing the same clips and puzzlers?

Some DVD players may not support Optreve®, our content randomizing technology. But don't worry, because you can still play the game. Begin at the Main Menu and select Pre-Set Gameplay. This option will allow access to numerous preprogrammed game sequences that have been programmed to ensure the greatest number of games without repeats.


What do I do if a question that I have previously seen comes up during a game?

You can press the Return button on most DVD remotes to advance to another My Play question or All Play puzzler.


Can I skip a clip or a question?

Yes.  You can skip over a question by using the Skip/Next button on your remote.


Can I fast forward during a play or a question?

Yes.  You can skip over a question by using the skip button on your remote. The fast forward button also works, but the skip button is usually preferable.


Can I play Screenlife DVD games on my laptop, Xbox 360®, PlayStation®, or other devices?

Screenlife games are designed to play on any device that supports DVD play. You can easily play Screenlife DVD games on your Xbox 360® and PlayStation®. Screenlife games can also be played on a laptop computer if the laptop has updated DVD player software. If you find that your laptop software is not compatible with Optreve, you can go to www.interactual.com for a free download of the optimal DVD software.


Can I get another copy of the instructions?

Absolutely, please go to that game's individual page on our website and you can download the instructions from there.


What should I do if my Screenlife game is missing a piece?

Contact customer service here.


What should I do if I lost pieces to the game?

Please contact customer support here and we can help.


What should I do if my game DVD came scratched or damaged?

Please contact customer service here for a replacement disk.


I damaged or misplaced the game DVD, can I purchase a new one without having to buy the whole game again?

Yes, we now offer the option to purchase a replacement DVD for any of our games. Please call customer service at 1-(866)-DVD-GAME to place your order.


How do I make a Scene It? game longer?

One recommendation is for you to roll the die only after you correctly answer a question, instead of automatically rolling every turn.


What if I want to play Scene It? for a short time?

The Flextime® board can be folded (just like you were putting it away in the box) for a shorter game path.


One of the questions in the game is incorrect!

We appreciate that you spotted our unfortunate mistake. If you know which question was wrong, please let us know as we would like to fix it for future users.  Contact us here.


Where can I buy Screenlife games?

Go to the Shop page of our website for all the information on how you can purchase our games.


What other games do you have?

We offer a variety of games in addition to our Scene It? editions. To see our complete line of games, read their descriptions, and play our online game samples, please visit our website at www.screenlifegames.com.

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